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Your Dentist in Torrance and Foods to Avoid This Holiday Season

Those hard candies grandma keep in a bowl next to the nativity scene on the fireplace mantle might seem harmless, but if you eat too many of them the constant exposure to sugar can be very harmful to your teeth. This holds true to a lot of the food you see at grandma’s house around […]

Reasons to See Your Torrance Dentist Every Six Months

Many people wait years between dental appointments. In fact, they would not see their dentist in Torrance at all except for those times when they get a terrible toothache. If it wasn’t for tooth decay, some people would write off dentists as fictional characters. Now, you don’t go years between dental appointments, you know better […]

Dental Clinic in Torrance and Dental Phobia

There are people who get nervous even when they just think about going to the dentist. They might be scared because they think the visit might hurt. Others are scared because they haven’t been to James W. Mellert, their dental clinic in Torrance,  in a long time and they aren’t sure what the dentist will […]

Your Torrance Dental Clinic and Healthy Summer Foods

Potato chips and barbecue ribs are pretty standard food to eat in the summer, but they are not at all the best kinds of foods for good oral health. While you might crave a tasty chip to quench your hunger on a summer day, it might be a good idea to grab an apple or pear instead. […]

Resolve to Visit Your Torrance Dentist Fewer Times

It’s not even the end of January and there is no doubt a whole bunch of you who have already broken their new year resolutions. Whether you resolved to lose weight and just sucked down a triple cheeseburger and washed that down with a double milkshake or vowed to eat fewer sweets to reduce the […]

Reasons Residence of Torrance Should See Their Dentist for Cosmetic Procedures

There are several reasons residents of Torrance should see their dentist for cosmetic procedures. Cosmetic dentistry treatments are becoming more affordable and therefore much more popular. From dermal fillers to teeth whitening, there is a wide range of treatments available with a common goal; to help you achieve a beautiful smile. But you might be […]

There are Several Reasons You Should Talk to Your Torrance Dentist About Dental Implants

There are several options when you have damaged or missing teeth, but dental implants should be at the top of your list. There are several reasons you should talk to your Torrance dentist about dental implants, here are a few. Natural Looking Dental implants are strong and stable and look like your natural teeth. In […]