Having a perfect smile does indeed make you look fantastic. And while looking good is a huge bonus, the benefits of straight and white teeth aren’t just cosmetic. Cosmetic dentistry is very important and your Torrance dentist understands how significant a healthy smile is in all aspects of life.

Many of you might desire better-looking teeth and will be surprised to hear that having straight teeth has a number of health benefits as well. Here are several benefits you will enjoy with straight teeth.

Healthier Gums

When your teeth are too crowded or spaced too far apart, not only does it dampen your smile, it may also cause your gums to be red and inflamed. These characteristics not only make for a sad smile, they are also a sign of periodontal disease. When you have your teeth straightened, the gums fit better and more securely around your teeth and create a strong defense against disease.

Prevents Abnormal Tooth Wear

Crowded teeth cause one, two or even more teeth to jut out. When this happens, the teeth that jut out tend to rub with other teeth and will lead to undue wear on tooth enamel. Over time, teeth that jut out can also cause ineffective chewing function.

Hard to Clean

Crowded teeth make it that much more difficult for you to floss and brush, often missing spots which lead to plaque buildup. Crowded teeth lead to the inability to remove the food caught in tight spots, which can lead to tooth decay.

Decrease in Headaches

Crooked teeth place excessive stress on your gums and also on the bones that support your teeth. This may lead to a jaw misalignment, which can cause face and neck pain and chronic headaches.

Enhance Your Appearance

You might have very straight and very healthy teeth but have fallen victim to staining from coffee or other dark liquids. And while it is possible to whiten your teeth in photos using a filter, this is of no use to you when you are interviewing for the job of your dreams.

Teeth whitening is a big part of cosmetic dentistry and will give you a nice bright smile. A white smile makes you look stronger and more confident.

Boosts Self-Confidence

Many people find that when they have their teeth whitened, it gives them a boost of self-confidence. That is, they feel confident in their physical appearance.

Encourages You to Smile

The world is made up of people who judge you by your looks. First impressions mean a lot, and when you are hiding yellow teeth by not smiling, it gives off a bad first impression. When you have your teeth whitened, you are not afraid to show the world just how great your teeth look. White teeth give you cause to smile and the first impression people have of you is a positive one.

Camera Ready

Whether you have an upcoming wedding or some other important function, you will want to look your best. The last thing you want to have happen is to have wedding photos of you with less than stellar-looking teeth. Having your teeth whitened means you will look your very best on that special day or for that special occasion. So whatever the occasion, making your teeth a few shades whiter will help you feel camera ready.

Look More Youthful

Many people associate teeth with age. White teeth are associated with youth while yellow and otherwise stained teeth are associated with older folks. If you want to knock a few years of the way you look, then get your teeth whitened.

Job Prospects

When you have white teeth, you walk right into that job interview and speak with poise and confidence because you know you look good. Your self-confidence is critical when in a job interview when time is short and you need to explain why you are the best candidate for the job.

Minimizes Those Wrinkles

A smile that is bright and white shifts the focus from your face to your beautiful teeth. It is natural that people should zero in on your teeth and this lessens the surrounding wrinkles and frown lines.

Makes You More Attractive

Let’s not mince words here; having white teeth makes you a more attractive person. White teeth are an indication to others that you take pride in yourself and take care of yourself and that is pretty endearing quality.

Overall Health

Having straight white teeth is a really great indication that you have strong and healthy teeth. Unhealthy teeth have been associated with a whole slew of medical problems from strikes to pneumonia to heart disease. It may sound overdramatic, but healthy teeth could potentially help you live longer.

As you can see, there are many benefits in having healthy, straight and white teeth.