You can expect to feel a certain amount of anxiety and apprehension when you have to visit your dentist, that is only natural. But if your fear of the dentist is so intense that you fail to show up to your appointments, that is a serious problem.

If you are experiencing dental fear, you still need to put forth a great effort to keep your appointments or your teeth and health will suffer. Even if you make it to your appointments, but find that your palms sweat and you feel like screaming, there are things you can do that might help.

It is estimated that upwards to 10% of the population avoids dentists completely out of fear. Another 20% of the population is afraid of the dentist, but will show up for dental treatment only when absolutely necessary.

Dental fear, anxiety or phobia is usually triggered by an experience or an event. For example, maybe you had a painful experience at the dentist and now you are scared to go back.

Perhaps you feel a loss of control while sitting in the dentist chair, It can be overwhelming having a dentist and assistant hovering over you under a bright light.

You might be embarrassed to see the dentist because you feel uncomfortable having them stare inside your mouth.

The list of reasons why people are afraid of the dentist goes on and on.

James W. Mellert, your cosmetic dentist in Torrance, offers tips that could help ease your fear of the dentist.

The Drill

The mere sound of a dentist’s drill can send people over the edge. The dental drill is the subject of many dentist jokes and has been used in several horror movies. It’s of little wonder why people fear it.

Before your dentist does anything with a drill, they ensure that you cannot feel any pain. Worse still, you can still hear as the drill is being used on your tooth.

If the sound troubles you, wear a set of headphones and rock out to your favorite tunes. Any Cannibal Corpse CD is sure to drown out the sound of that drill.

Fear of Needles

Fear of needles isn’t limited to just dental patients, one in five American fear needles at any medical office.
It might be of some comfort to know that dentists now use a very effective numbing gel before giving you any type of injection. This means you won’t feel a thing. This numbing gel has helped countless people overcome their fear of needles and fear of the dentist.

Communicate Your Fears

It helps when you have an open and honest conversation with your dentist. Let them know your specific fears and ways in which they can be conquered. You dentist is very understanding of your fears and will work with you to ensure you feel good about your visit.

Bring a Friend

Having a friend with you during your dental appointment could help. You have good friends who are there to support you in any way they can. They can sit and chat with you and keep you company during the procedure.

You can also bring your mom. After all, she is who comforted you when you were young.

Use Distractions

Find some way to keep yourself distracted during the procedure. For example, you can listen to music on your headphones or watch television in your dentist’s office. You can even squeeze on a stress ball if that is what helps. You could even just count, it can help you to relax.

Relaxation Techniques

If counting doesn’t relax you, there are other options. One way you can get yourself relaxed is through controlled breathing. This involves taking deep breaths of air and exhaling slowly.

There are CDs you can get that will take you through relaxation techniques, it is something that would be worth a try.

Reward Yourself

If you are a good boy or a good girl and don’t make a fuss at the dentist, you can treat yourself when the procedure is done.

It is kind of counterproductive to treat yourself to a hot fudge sundae after a dental treatment, so spoil yourself some other way.

If you wish to discuss your fear of the dentist, feel free to contact us. We will do what we can to help.