Your smile is the first thing people notice about you. And what they say is true; first impressions are everything and you are judged by the way you look. Your smile is your calling card on first dates, job interviews and meeting your child’s teacher for the first time. Smiles get you through awkward moments, they make you look younger, or older and they can help you defuse a potentially angry situation.

Having a great smile is sort of like having a superpower. But if you don’t have a great smile, you wake up each morning and don’t like what you see in the mirror. If you are less than satisfied with your smile, perhaps it’s time for a change. James W. Mellert, DDS, your cosmetic dentistry clinic in Torrance, offers several ways in which you can improve your smile.

Floss Daily

Flossing removes plaque between your teeth and out from under your gum lines, these are places your toothbrush simply cannot reach. Flossing every day helps prevent gingivitis and tooth decay. If you let plaque build up, it can lead to tooth loss and bone destruction, either of which won’t do any good for your smile.

Don’t Smoke

You probably already know how bad smoking is to your health. Well, it will also take a toll on your smile. Smoking stains your teeth, leaving them yellow and brown. The superficial stain can be polished out, but it can also soak deep into the enamel.

Smoking also poses a danger to your gums. It can cause them to recede and develop large pockets around your teeth. Your teeth will appear longer and with dark spaces between them.

Limit Tea, Red Wine and Coffee

Beverages like tea, red wine and coffee can stain your teeth. Just like smoking, these stains can be polished out by your dentist, but they can also stain deep into the tooth enamel. When you do drink beverages that cause stains, rinse your mouth frequently with water.

Teeth Whitening

A bright smile requires white teeth and the best way to achieve this is by having your teeth whitened at your dentist office.

Over time, your teeth can get stained from smoking, drinking certain beverages and even by some medications. A professional bleaching is much stronger and more effective than over-the-counter products.


Bonding is an easy and safe way to correct the appearance of teeth that are cracked, unevenly spaced or stained. Bonding uses a tooth-colored plastic base material called composite resin to correct these problems. Bonding can be accomplished in just one visit to your dentist and the results can last for several years.


A crown is a custom cap that fits perfectly over a damaged tooth. If you have a damaged tooth or one that is more than 3/4 filling, then you can get a crown to place over it and give you a better-looking smile. Your crown will also help protect the tooth by preventing further bacteria from entering it and causing an infection.


Veneers are custom shells, typically made from porcelain, that cover the front side of teeth and change their shape and color. Veneers are similar to bonding, but last longer and provide superior appearance. Veneers improve the looks in teeth that have spaces between them, are permanently stained, have chips, are poorly shaped and are crooked.


Implants are an involved and expensive form of cosmetic dentistry, but are a long-term solution for replacing missing teeth. Implants are surgically placed into the jawbone and come in three parts. You have the titanium metal which fuses to the jawbone, the abutment which fits over the part that sticks out of the gums and the crown which has a natural, tooth-like appearance.


People of all ages can enjoy the benefits of braces. Braces not only improve the look of teeth that are crowded or crooked, they also improve jaw positioning and bite. Braces are worn to apply pressure and reposition teeth. It is a procedure that can take several months, if not longer, to complete.


Bridges are used to replace missing teeth with artificial teeth. Bridges can be made of porcelain, alloys, gold or a combination. Your dentist will anchor a bridge to the surrounding teeth that holds the false tooth.

Enamel Shaping

If you are not happy with the way your teeth are shaped, your dentist can shape them to make improvements. Through enamel shaping, your dentist can alter the size, shape and position of your teeth. Chips and cracks can also be corrected.

Regular Checkups

Making sure that your teeth are clean and healthy goes a long way in improving your smile. Keeping regular appointments with your dentist will help ensure that problems are spotted early and treatment is sought to divert issues that could affect your smile. Schedule a visit with James W. Mellert, DDS today.