In case you have been too busy to notice, spring is here. It’s that time of year when the days are longer and warmer and we can once again take to the great outdoors for fun and exercise. We have little doubt that most of you have already taken advantage of the lingering sunlight to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities. We also know there are some of you who have yet to take advantage of the spring weather because you are either too busy or lazy.

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, you must focus on all aspects of your life. Just as it is important to visit your dentist on a regular basis, it is just as important to get outside and enjoy some time in the sun. James W. Mellert, your dental clinic in Torrance, offers you these fun activities to indulge in this spring.

Fly a Kite

It is very likely that as a child, you ran through an empty parking lot or grassy field with the string from a kite firmly grasped in your hand. You were so thrilled to see that kite rise up into the air and the feel of the wind pulling your lite was exhilarating.

Well, it’s time to recapture that feeling.

Head over to a hobby store near you and buy a kite. You don’t want just any kite, you want one that is colorful and uniquely shaped, like a dragon for example. After that, head over to the park and find a perfect location, a big space without trees or power lines.

And now for the fun part. Stand with your back to the wind and let the force take the kite from your hand and watch it go up into the air.

Go on a Picnic

When was the last time you have been on a picnic? It has probably been way too long. A picnic is an escape from the ordinary, a great way to get you out of your stuffy house or office and into a more relaxed and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere.

Time seems to slow down while you are eating your gourmet sandwich on a picnic and you really don’t seem to care what is going on in the real world. There is no better way to enjoy the beauty of nature while enjoying a nice meal.

Ride a Bike

There was nothing more peaceful than riding your Schwinn Sting Ray down the street when you were a kid. As you know, even way back then, bikes are freedom. Bikes mean you don’t have to worry about traffic jams, your only concern is the sweet air you are breathing and the wind on your face.

Bikes are a beautiful thing. You can ride solo and get your mind sorted out or you can ride with a group of friends and have good conversations and laughs together. You can also ride with a significant other, or someone you just met and are taking on a date.

It doesn’t matter what you ride or where you ride, just make sure you get out there and ride this spring.

Go for a Swim

No doubt that as a kid, you spent many hours in a swimming pool in the summer. We are sure you have some very fun and fond memories of your time in the pool.

Well, spring is here and it’s a great opportunity to make some new memories of you splashing around in a pool. Not only will going swimming bring back great memories, it will burn quite a few calories as well.

Go Hiking

The best part of going hiking in the spring is that you get to enjoy the wonderful weather and you get the trails all to yourself. The best hiking spot in your area will no doubt be filled up for the better part of the summer. But when you hike in the spring, you will definitely encounter fewer people.

You can plan a solo hike, one in which you can enjoy quiet time with nature, or you can plan a hike with the family and enjoy doing something together that doesn’t involve an electronic device.

Go to the Beach

Going to the lake if fine and going to the river is good too, but that just doesn’t compare to going to the beach. A soak in the salt water is therapeutic to your joints and muscles and the sand does a fine job exfoliating your skin. Fall asleep under the sun and get your daily dose of vitamin D.

Go Camping

With spring here, you need to pack up the tent and go on a camping trip. Camping in the spring means you get to enjoy great weather and you beat the summer crowds.

Spring is here, don’t let it get away without enjoying the outdoor activities that you love. Take a day off this next week to get your dental checkup and then go on a picnic or go on a hike. Call James Mellert to schedule an appointment.