Flossing is extremely important for good overall health and to prevent cavities. That being said, flossing does take some dexterity to learn. So how do you teach your kids to floss? James W. Mellert DDS and Associates is a local Torrance dental office offering the best in family dentistry. Below, we’ll offer some tips on how to teach our child to floss. Schedule a dental appointment today!

a young boy flossing

Teach Your Kids About Dental Floss and Its Importance

Everyone, even kids, need to understand the why behind their actions. Thus, when teaching your kids how to floss, get some floss out, show them what it is, and emphasize its importance if doing every day.

a young girl flossing

Show Your Child How to Hold Dental Floss

Which fingers you use to loop dental floss can be debated. For now, just show your child how to loop dental floss around their fingers so that it’s nice and taunt. Dental picks are another viable option if they are easier for your child to use.

a girl flossing her teeth

Demonstrate Proper Flossing Technique

Show your child how to floss in-between and around your teeth by flossing your own teeth first. Get down on their level for a better view. Then, offer to floss your child’s teeth so they can get a feel for how it should go.

a dad and son flossing together

Floss Your Teeth Together

It can be fun to floss your teeth alongside your child for the first few weeks. You can make a game out of flossing, make silly faces in the mirror, or sing along, too.


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