Vibration, pressure and heat are the main causes of the pain you suffer from the traditional dental drill. And there is no doubt about it, most of us hate even thinking about the horrors associated with this medieval torture device. In fact, the dental drill is likely the number one reason so many people fear their Torrance dentist. But what if we told you that many dental procedures can be performed with fewer shots and can be virtually pain-free with less use of that dreaded drill? Well, it’s a fact. In addition, with laser treatment for gum disease, there is reduced bleeding and minimal swelling, so the anxiety and stress often associated with dental treatments are eliminated. We are sure you want to learn more about this amazing treatment.


Lasers are able to remove tooth enamel decay, gum tissue and bone with precision, leaving the surrounding areas totally unaffected. This leaves more of your tooth structure intact, which helps in maintaining your natural teeth for a longer period of time.

Less Trauma

Traditional dental drills can cause hairline cracks and even fractures in your teeth, which may lead to more problems in the future. Lasers minimize trauma and reduce damage to the healthy portions of your teeth.

Less Swelling

Because laser dentistry is so precise, it leaves gum tissue with very little if any bleeding as well as less swelling.

Less Time in the Dental Chair

Without the need for anesthesia or shots, your laser dentist can accomplish cavity preparations in all areas of your mouth all at the same time in just one visit to the dentist office. Not only does this mean less time in the dental chair, it also means fewer visits to your dentist. This saves you time and money. In addition, laser dentists are able to perform many treatments that were previously passed on to specialists, again, saving you time and money.

Going to the dentist shouldn’t have to be a painful and time-consuming hassle.