There are several options when you have damaged or missing teeth, but dental implants should be at the top of your list. There are several reasons you should talk to your Torrance dentist about dental implants, here are a few.

Natural Looking

Dental implants are strong and stable and look like your natural teeth. In addition, they function like your natural teeth. Traditional options for tooth restoration can lead to the deterioration of bone, might interfere with eating and may impede your speech.

Long Lasting

Traditional dental bridges tend to last only five to seven years, but if you take real good care of them they might last as long as 10 years. And though dental implants might need to be adjusted from time to time, they may very well last you a lifetime.

Enjoy Life

You might stay at home and avoid social settings because you are self-conscious about your smile. Missing teeth may limit your life and your ability to go out and have fun. Dental implants allow you to get back into the game and once again enjoy life.

Great Smile

If you have missing teeth, it could cause your face to sag and leave your smile droopy. Dental implants help retain a natural face and give you a great smile.

Eat Well

Dentures have a tendency to slip or fall while eating certain foods, which could prove to be embarrassing. Dental implants enable you to enjoy all the foods you love, without the possibility of slippage.

So as you can see, there are plenty of great reasons to seriously consider dental implants.