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Emergency Dentist in Torrance

Do you have a dental emergency? Contact James W. Mellert D.D.S. and Associates for immediate care.

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At James W. Mellert D.D.S. and Associates, we understand that sometimes you just can’t wait until your next appointment to see a dentist. If you’ve sustained an injury to a tooth, have signs of an infection, or are in severe pain, contact us immediately and we will make every effort to see you right away.

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Why choose us for emergency dental services?

  • Highly experienced dentists 

  • Rigorous safety and infection controls

  • Use of advanced technology for better care

  • Oral sedation is available (may depend on the procedure)

  • Friendly, professional, and compassionate staff

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

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Don’t Try To Wait It Out

Dental emergencies should be dealt with as soon as possible. Waiting too long to seek treatment can only lead to further complications or health risks and leave you feeling miserable. If you’re unsure of whether or not you require immediate care, simply give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you determine the best way to handle your dental emergency.

How To Know If You Have a Dental Emergency

Although dental emergencies are quite common, it’s important to know if your situation is truly a dental emergency or not. Some things can wait, while others can’t. There are also some instances where you’ll want to head to the emergency room instead of the dentist’s office. Knowing which path to choose can make all the difference.

If any of the following scenarios applies to you, contact James W. Mellert D.D.S., your emergency dentist in Torrance, right away.

Have you lost a tooth?

Are you bleeding from the mouth?

Are you in severe pain?

Do you have signs of an infection?

Did you sustain a jaw injury?

Do you have extreme tooth sensitivity?

When Should You Go Straight To the Emergency Room?

It’s important to know when you should go to the dentist and when your emergency should really be handled at a hospital. Although every situation is different, if you have any of the following symptoms or injuries, you’re better off to head straight to the emergency room.

  • Jaw fracture
  • Serious cuts or lacerations
  • Jaw dislocation
  • Serious infection that is affecting breathing or swallowing
  • Excess swelling combined with fever or chills

Dental Emergencies Can Happen To Anyone

Even if you’re diligent about taking care of your teeth, sometimes unexpected things happen. Don’t take risks with your health or live in agony with a dental emergency, contact James W. Mellert D.D.S. and we’ll get you into our office so that you can feel better in no time. After your emergency has been taken care of, we hope you’ll return to us for all of your dental needs. We offer a wide range of comprehensive services including preventive care, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures, cosmetic services such as teeth whitening and Invisalign® clear aligners, and more. You can see a list of all of our services on our website or feel free to contact our office to learn more.

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