Having to visit your dentist in Torrance every six months isn’t the appointment you look forward to, we get that. The only thing worse than having to go to the dentist is driving to work on Monday morning, in the rain, when you have to give a presentation at 10:00 a.m.

Even though you don’t look forward to it, it is important that you keep that six-month checkup, it is for your own good. Skipping out on your checkup because of anxiety, cost or any other factor puts you at risk. You can wind up paying much more for a treatment that could have been avoided by simply seeing your dentist in Torrance every six months.

The James W. Mellert dental office offers a myriad of treatments and services for our patients. But one of the most helpful treatments in general dentistry is professional teeth cleaning. Before any other treatments are suggested, teeth cleaning should be done.